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Szamanengine April 22, 2011

Szamanengine is simple game/simulation engine written in C++. It uses OpenGL graphics library and Bullet physics engine.


  • rigid body simulation with properties like: friction,restitution, mass
  • various object shapes (rectangle, circle, convex polygon)
  • compound shape that allows split multiple shapes into one
  • joints between two objects
  • two types of texturing (stretched and looped)
  • objects coloring
  • free and locked on object cameras
  • ugly graphical user interface
  • forcefields
  • destructible terrain
  • particle emitters
  • scripting
  • full serialization of scenes
  • and more

To see this features in action, go to my other projects which use Szamanengine:

World Editor

in plans:

  • scripting (done)
  • client-server synchronization
  • AI for bots